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For over 30 years, we have been instrumental in helping to provide options for people other than driving alone. We have worked to expand our trail network, implement bike lanes, expand and enhance public transit, install over one hundred bus shelters, offered education and training on carpooling, vanpooling, and how to work from home.

​The coronavirus pandemic has made us more aware of how vital these types of mobility options are in our communities. Communities in Motion works to:

  • Educate residents and businesses on alternatives to driving alone so that we have cleaner air and a healthier quality of life

  • Increase opportunities for enhanced mobility options, such as walking, biking, building trails, bike lanes, and more

  • Work with local governments to review site plans, zoning codes, and planning documents to evaluate where TDM policies and ordinances may be implemented


Communities in Motion’s parent organization, GVF, has been advancing transportation demand management (TDM) strategies to help improve mobility for over 30 years.  During this pandemic, as GVF celebrates its 30 anniversary, it felt there was a need to form a mobility think-tank, 82 Alliance, which looks beyond the Greater Philadelphia region but more holistically on how are we are planning for our future and reimagining how we move people throughout cities and towns.

Your contribution will help continue to build awareness, which will ultimately improve the health and wellness of residents. Additionally, funds raised can be used to match grants that GVF applies for related to education on TDM alternatives.

Any donation would be tax-deductible under the IRS code for charitable contributions. Our tax ID# is 27-2792091. Checks made payable to Communities in Motion or submit online.

CARES Act: Enhanced Charitable Giving Incentives

  • Temporary Universal Charitable Deduction

  • No limit, on cash contributions, fully deductible for 2020.

  • Increased cap on how much corporations may deduct for charitable gifts from 10 percent of taxable income to 25 percent.

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