New trolleys, safer streets, e-buses: Philly could benefit from Biden’s infrastructure plan

By PlanPhilly

President “Amtrak Joe” Biden promised to prioritize infrastructure and now, he has come out with a $2 trillion proposal for a far-reaching series of investments in roads, bridges, transit, aging school buildings, wastewater, broadband, and housing. Higher corporate taxes would fund the investment.

The plan, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, is “about making an investment in America — not just modernizing our roads or railways or bridges but building an infrastructure of the future.”

Included is $115 billion to modernize bridges, highways, and roads that are in the worst shape. The president aims to upgrade 20,000 miles of highways, roads, and main streets and fix the 10 “most economically significant bridges in the country in need of reconstruction.” The same goes for 10,000 smaller bridges that are vital to connecting communities.

Biden has set aside $20 billion for safety programs and fixes, including Vision Zero initiatives and other improvements to reduce crashes and fatalities, especially for cyclists and pedestrians.

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